7 Email Marketing Strategies that Work Wonders Copy7 Email Marketing Strategies that Work Wonders

7 Email Marketing Strategies that Work Wonders

Even with the unprecedented growth of social media, email marketing still remains one of the most preferred & effective modes of reaching a wider audience & retaining your existing customers.

If done right & consistently, it really has the potential to create a strong impact on the targeted audience in quick time.

However, we all get hundreds of emails every day & to be honest we do ignore most of it. In order to hit the bull’s eye, let’s discuss some of the ongoing trends before you start preparing your email marketing strategy for the next year.


The Right Content at the Right Time

Be open to define your strategy as per who your target audience is, & the ideal time period for them to be checking their inbox. If you’re targeting the millennials, they are more likely to be late starters¬† & night-watchers; whereas the older gen are more likely to be early to rise-early to bed.

Try to figure out the golden period when most of your audiences are reading or replying to your emails. Don’t hesitate to go the trial & error way & find the ideal time duration to make maximum impact.

Content Matters

What you write in your emails, becomes the voice of your organization & reaches the audiences. Be humble, informative & to-the-point in your emails. Always highlight how you can help.

Your email shouldn’t leave the reader guessing.

Be Creative with Your Subject Lines

That’s the first thing your audience will notice. So put your thinking caps on, & always use subject lines that are relevant yet catchy.

Highlighting things like discounts, limited availability, etc isn’t a bad idea.

Personalize Your Emails

Use the right tools & try to send as many personalized emails as possible. It hardly takes any effort & goes a long way in creating a lasting impression.

You’re not alone in completely ignoring emails that lack a human touch & look more like auto-generated promotions or spams.

Go Mobile

No surprises here. With over a billion active users, there’s no medium as powerful as this. Making your email templates mobile-friendly will make your emails reach to a wider audience & certainly get better responses than otherwise.

Monitor the Performance

All the efforts will go in vain if you put so much into building an attractive email campaign but don’t give attention to measuring the impact. It’s equally important to know how the audience is responding to your emails, what are the open rates, response rates, positive v/s negative replies etc.

Spend some time analyzing your emails’ performances & work on improving future campaigns.

No Spamming!

Avoid sending emails to complete strangers. Spend enough time to figure out who your interested users are, your subscribers, your past & existing users and send emails to them only.

You don’t want your emails to be marked as spams & face troubles later on.

It’s always a game of trial & error. Hence, be patient… have a clear goal & stick to it. Be open to positive changes. There’s no golden formula for preparing a golden email marketing strategy. However, the above-mentioned topics will surely help you prepare a better strategy for your organization.

To attain business success, just a proper email marketing strategy is never enough. You also need a smart & agile tool to take care of everything in your sales pipeline… so that you get to solely focus on actual sales & customer management.

Give Wakeupsales CRM a try. It offers a 30 days FREE Trial. It’s been awarded as #1 CRM of the Year by Accurate Reviews in 2017 & is a hit amongst Small & Medium Businesses.

Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts below. I’d love to read them all.







Image Name7 Email Marketing Strategies that Work Wonders
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