Wakeupsales CRM with Project Management and GMailWakeupsales CRM with Project Management and GMail

Wakeupsales CRM with Project Management and GMail

Imagine a single platform to take care of all your business needs. A Customer Relationship Management tool to take care of your sales pipeline & a project management tool to keep all your work on track. If that’s not tempting enough, add your Gmail account to all of this; At one place! It’s practically Magic!

We at Wakeupsales have always put user experience on top of our priority list. And we get our share of happiness by making lives easier & works simpler. That’s exactly why we pushed ourselves to come up with an All-in-One CRM cum Project Management cum Email suite to make things way more convenient for you.


“No more switching between your CRM, Project Management & Gmail Inbox.”


There’re a ton of things you’ll get with such an agile tool at your disposal. Let’s discuss a handful of those:-


The Complete Customer Relationship Management

  • Efficient Lead Management
  • Effective Marketing Campaigns
  • Improved Sales Pipeline Control
  • More Chance at Deal Closures

Project Management

  • Create & Manage Projects
  • Assign Tasks to Your Team
  • Real-time Status Tracking
  • On-time Project Completion
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Gmail Integration

  • Your Entire Gmail within Your CRM
  • Auto-synchronization
  • Read, Send & Manage Your Emails

We call this: The Application to do it all. And we can’t wait to hear from you, what all you will achieve with the Wakeupsales CRM Suite.

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Image NameWakeupsales CRM with Project Management and GMail
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