The Secret to Turning Angry Customers Into Loyal Ones 1Ways To Turn Your Unhappy Customer Into Loyal Ones

Ways To Turn Your Unhappy Customer Into Loyal Ones

One of the biggest secrets to business success is ‘Customers’ Happiness’, which some of us take lightly. In trying to make our offerings better & superior, we tend to overlook what customers are looking for. We may have a really good product in our hands but if it doesn’t serve what customers want, there’s no point.

Making customer service the primary factor of your company’s mission is an underrated key to success. By doing the same, customers feel special and delighted. In the future, they even act as a brand advocate spreading the good words around them.

Image NameWays To Turn Your Unhappy Customer Into Loyal Ones


Consumers want to be assured that when they face any kind of problems then it’s dealt with smoothly. This is why 96% of consumers say that customer service is a necessary factor in choosing the brands that they are loyal to. Customers do not expect to make any mistakes, but they expect to solve it according to their expectations.

It’s important to consider what inspires customers to stick with you. Statistics say, winning new customers is at least 5 times more expensive than keeping the ones you already haveHowever, only 18% of companies focus their marketing efforts on enhancing relationships with their existing customers.

An angry customer is still a customer. That’s why it’s important to keep your customers cool all the time especially at the age of social media, where a small mistake can go viral within a fraction of a second.

Customer service is a secret weaponIf you are still not convinced by the fact that customer service has an enormous effect on your success, then consider the following fact.

According to a study, 60% of people said they always share a bad customer experience with others. And, they tell 3 times as many people than they do when they’ve had a good experience.

Here’s how you can turn even the angriest customers around – no matter what business you’re in.


Make It Easy For Them:

Put your contact details (like phone number and email) easily visible on your website. Don’t irritate your customers; Make yourself reachable always.    

Hit The First 30 Seconds:

The first impression lasts long. Your first 30-seconds of interaction can make or break the deal. Hence, aim to establish a mutual purpose.

Here are a few ways you can talk to a frustrated customer to get him/her back:

Thank you for reaching out. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the inconvenience- I’m here to help you in every way I can

Your first goal should always be to deliver a sincere apology and empathize with the customer. Then you should state your intention to help them out which is their ultimate requirement. This diffuses the customer’s complains and makes them open up for seeking a solution.

Get Them Involved:

Another effective way is to invite an unhappy customer into your beta program. Offer them an insider’s access to your upcoming programs and help you find bugs from a user’s point of view. So they’ll feel involved.

Some people may not agree to help you when they are frustrated or unhappy. But many folks will appreciate the opportunity.  

Good service happens fast:

It is important to respond to every customer issue, it is important to respond quickly. We can observe that a brand can capture more value by replying the right way.

When an airline responds to a customer’s tweet within five minutes or less, that customer response is willing to pay for the service. In a similar way wireless customers were willing to pay more each month when they received a reply.

Loyal customer service representatives need to move fast to capitalize on the opportunity.

Ask For The Feedback:

After a few days, check back with your customers… asking them if they’re happy or not. If they are, then convey how important they are for you.

Don’t shy away in asking if they have any suggestions or testimonials. If they deny, just politely reply “It’s OK”. Be a sport always!

Wrapping Up:

Be humble, proactive & open to all suggestions. Show some patience & your dedication to the customers will always pay off. It’s always a long game!

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0Ways To Turn Your Unhappy Customer Into Loyal Ones
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Image NameWays To Turn Your Unhappy Customer Into Loyal Ones
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