build customer relations the right way 1Ways To Build Better Customer Relationships

Ways To Build Better Customer Relationships

The art of sales has changed! Today, the focus has shifted from extrovert selling to building trust. The more people you can build trust with, the more likely they are to do business with you.

If you want your business to perform better? Then the answer depends on your customers and how these organisations are related to them.

There are many strategies to increase customer retention with relationship building. By leveraging it you can transform your bottom line and business as whole.

Most sales folks nowadays focus on small things like time-of-the-day to make the sales call, send an email or the language to be used in your presentation. Everybody likes a bit of personal touch.

Key is to build a customer relations first and then deliver value. A lot of people believe this to be a time taking process & don’t even try this route. However, if you do it the right way… hit the right areas, this can be achieved easily.

Let’s learn the right way to do sales 🙂

Most sales folks nowadays approach their leads & start pitching their offerings right away. That’s a BIG NO if you wish to create a long-term customer relationship.

A better way to approach them is by connecting on a personal level from the beginning. Easiest way here is to find a topic that excites both of you equally; can be anything from photography to traveling or even love for food. After that you can gently proceed to check out if you can be of any help.

Why Is Building  Customer Relationships Is important?

If you want to run your organisation more successfully, then you need to build strong customer relationships. Today’s customers are constantly evaluating the relationship they built with the brands. With a few missteps can cause your company go dumb.

Also, you need to consistently impress your customers with personalized service, caring, you need to dramatically increase it’s lifetime value.  

3 Things to Keep in Mind

To develop a better customer relationship here I have shared some customer service tips that you can follow.


1. Allow People To Open Up To You:

It’s not always easy to get people to open up and ask for help. But sometimes, people will talk to you about what they need if they feel comfortable with you. That’s your window to sell!

2. Listen More: 

Contrary to popular belief, the actual key to selling is by talking less & listening more to what your prospect is saying. Always put major focus on other person & less on your pitch.

 3. Look To Solve Problems:

One of the best things about our products is that they’re designed to solve the problems of our customers. If you want a customer for life, then you need to focus on how your product can make their lives easier.

If you wish to sell, always focus on solving problems. Sometimes, that may not ensure instant financial rewards but that’s ok in the long run 🙂


Customer service can either be nothing valuable or it can be more than any  means for your business, or it can also be a dynamic aspect for your entire business.

With more engaging customers and helping them with the most out of your product. This will give your customers a reason to tell others why they love your product.

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