Why your big business requires a Mobile CRM approach with title 2Why Mobile CRM Approach Is Important For Your Business

Why Mobile CRM Approach Is Important For Your Business

There is an old Wayne Gretzky quote saying “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been”. It’s not just a saying but a real life phenomenon. Mobile usage has been rapidly growing & the sales teams are busy to meet & search for potential customers. Keeping this in mind, a need for mobile CRM have evolved.

Today, we need a CRM tool (one which is easy to use, keeps track of all customer information and also acts as a collaboration between the sales team). With that comes the new age sales & customer management, that is managing it on the go, through handheld or mobile – so here we are with Wakeupsales mobile app for Android.

By connecting with a mobile crm you can let your sales team access customer data. The key benefits of mobile crm apps is to lead your sales force to access real time data in the field meeting prospects and customers.

Benefits of CRMWhy Mobile CRM Approach Is Important For Your Business

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The post will mainly focus on the growth of mobile usage in recent days & why businesses should start adopting mobile CRM in their sales strategy.

A CRM which is only limited to the office is incomplete & lacks practicality as compared to one which goes with the sales team regardless of the fact where they are located. So, mobile CRM is a must in today’s growing world.


Mobile CRM’s Usage Growth

As per the reports delivered by Mary Meeker (2012 stats), nearly 13% of all the internet traffic is now executed from a mobile device. In a tech-savvy India mobile internet traffic usage has surpassed more than 60%. According to techasia.com India has 462 million internet users, out of which 79% is mobile traffic. Could you imagine this? Yes, it’s not just only a number, but an alarm that the technology is being shifted from desktop to a more compact environment. The crowd has now started migrating to a more compact digital-mobile-technology.

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As the mobile implementation continues to be in trends, conventional CRM’s are nowadays moving to the mobile space. So, having a mobile approach is no more optional & has become a definitive requirement.

Mobile CRM Adoption Rates

The CRM industry continues to grow at an overwhelming rate and every year new figures are reported depending on the CRM trends. 2017 stats showcased an increasing trend of CRM usage on mobile devices. As per superoffice businesses are continuously using the CRM solutions, where they want their employees to access the software anywhere on the go on the smart mobile device. It’s quite clear that here on the next big battlefront will be on mobile CRM adoption and the company with the best mobile app will have a mammoth advantage.

Increase Conversion Rates:

The other reason why a mobile CRM system is necessary for the business as it benefits you to get high conversion rates. It has made it possible as with mobile CRM your employee can immediately access the client information.

With the mobile CRM solutions, making reports, adding client interaction details from anyplace, scheduling appointments, etc is possible. All these features help to provide your client requirements more quickly and lead to higher growth rate.

Managing Relationships Anytime, Anywhere & On The Go

Nowadays the customers not only wants to know that you are there for them, but also  they need a response ASAP. Here the mobile CRM makes it possible for the sales team by making the data available anytime, anywhere just at their fingertips.

I was able to work with it from day 1 as it was pretty easy to get started with. Within a week I experienced a net increase of around 23% in my sales activities, which is good compared to my past 6 months story.

Ajay P.S, Co-founder & CEO,


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However, the mobile CRM have evolved as a boon for the sales people in the following ways:

  • Time saving and increased revenue
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Improves data quality
  • Reduces the chances of missing out on sales opportunities


Using a CRM for business will provide you with many benefits, but it becomes more beneficial when you start using mobile CRM. You are able to build a closer relationship with your clients. This ensures customer loyalty, which in turn will lead to high conversion rate and increase profits.

Now get the most out of your sales team by minimizing bottlenecks & making things simpler, yet more effective. with the new Wakeupsales Android App. Hang in there – launching this month. 

0Why Mobile CRM Approach Is Important For Your Business
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Image NameWhy Mobile CRM Approach Is Important For Your Business
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