WUS Monthly Catch up April 2017 without title 1Wakeupsales Monthly Catch Up: April 2017

Wakeupsales Monthly Catch Up: April 2017

Hey, everyone!

Yet another month comes to a close in the year 2017, and it was a happening one at Wakeupsales. Let’s take a quick look at everything that happened with your favorite CRM tool last month, and what’s coming next!


Encouraging Number of Downloads

We’re a start-up trying to make people’s lives easier. And we’re taking baby steps towards reaching where we want to. Even then every single stats matter to us. And we’re so happy to share with you that this past month saw a record number of downloads that took our total numbers beyond the 4k mark. We can’t thank you guys enough for it.

Record Number of Cloud Sign Ups

The cloud version of our Wakeupsales CRM recorded a high number of sign-ups as well. By the end of the month, that total number of signups stood at more than 300. I can’t express how encouraging these numbers are for us. And we’re determined enough to work even harder from here on.

Plugins Released:

Gmail Integration

A lot of our users used to spend a lot of time managing their CRM tool & business emails separately. And we took it upon ourselves to help them with something called the Wakeupsales ‘Gmail Integration’ plugin. So no more switching between your Emails & CRM, because this plugin brings your entire Gmail account right into the heart of your CRM. Know more

Website Integration

While we were chatting with a few of our users, we got a message that they have to spend loads of time finding out leads to punch into their CRM. And we thought of an opportunity based on their problem. The result was Wakeupsales ‘Website Integration’ plugin, which works magically by converting all their website visitors into leads without any fuss. Explore the plugin

The Helpdesk

Your lives are getting busier with every passing day & we understand it. That’s why we thought of doing our bit & come up with such a one-stop platform where you get all your answers related to Wakeupsales. We call it the “Helpdesk“.

helpdeskWakeupsales Monthly Catch Up: April 2017

So you know where to go next time, if you need to explore our Knowledge Base, FAQs, Services, our Community Forum or just want to drop a message.

So those are a few of the major updates from last month.

Upcoming Updates

  • Wakeupsales Premium Support Plans for the Community edition
  • Wakeupsales Cloud Perpetual License Plans
  • Lead Project Management feature for Community & Cloud
  • Lead Event Tracking feature for Community & Cloud

And most importantly we’ve just started to work on the mobile platform. More updates on this, next time 🙂

Let us know if you’re as excited as we are for what’s to come next. And write to us if you think we can make Wakeupsales better in anyway.


0Wakeupsales Monthly Catch Up: April 2017
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