How Wakeupsales CRM Boosted The Efficiency of The Designing Company Jermaine Art” without TitleHow Wakeupsales Boosted The Efficiency of a Designing Firm

How Wakeupsales Boosted The Efficiency of a Designing Firm

Who doesn’t like some words of encouragement! And if it’s coming from your customers, it becomes even more important. We at Wakeupsales, take the words of our users pretty seriously. That’s why it was a proud moment for us, when one of our users sent us some words of encouragement.

Jermaine Art is a multi-media creative agency based out of Netherlands, specializing in Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Web Hosting & Maintenance services.

When we started off with the Dutch firm, they already had a significant customer base but were willing to go that extra mile to streamline their sales pipeline & get more out of it. It was an instant match of ideologies & within no time, they were convinced that Wakeupsales CRM is the one they would go for.

Our Business & Customer Support team straightaway got into action & set everything up for them… so that it’s ready to use for the creative agency. And we were so excited to know what they achieve with it.

That’s when a message came from their Dutch office. It said:


Days after using the Wakeupsales CRM, our efficiency improved a lot. We had more control on what happens with our Customers.”

                                                                                                                                                Dennis, Manager


We couldn’t be any happier! That’s what we aim to accomplish every single day; to make running businesses easier.

Here’s their Story:

“Being in the Design Industry, we finally decided to adapt a CRM to give ourselves that extra edge. And there it was… the Wakeupsales CRM. What got us convinced was its easy interface, efficiency & the great support that they offered. The support team really went out of their way to help us. And days into using the Wakeupsales CRM, our efficiency went up. We also had more control over our sales pipeline.

Once we were convinced of Wakeupsales CRM & its benefits, the next challenge was to set it up. But everything was setup swiftly for us, ready-to-use. Absolutely no time wasted!”

Cases like these really make all the hard work worth it. And we are not stopping here. It’s just the start of the Wakeupsales journey & we can’t wait to bring you all the exciting things we’re working on. Stay tuned 🙂

Above all, we thank all our users for the support.

Let us know how the Wakeupsales CRM has made life better for you. Would love to hear your views.

0How Wakeupsales Boosted The Efficiency of a Designing Firm
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Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

Image NameHow Wakeupsales Boosted The Efficiency of a Designing Firm
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