How Wakeupsales CRM boosted the Sales Activities without Title 1How Wakeupsales CRM boosted the Sales Activities of an Ad Agency by 15% in a Week

How Wakeupsales CRM boosted the Sales Activities of an Ad Agency by 15% in a Week

Our customers are most important to us & what they say matters a lot. Hence, it was a matter of joy for us when we received another success story telling how the Wakeupsales CRM helped a company improve.

Centurion Ads & Media Agency is a creative company based in India, doing some amazing work in their domain. A young & passionate group of people really committed to what they do & we were fortunate enough to collaborate with them.

When we started off with them, they already had a considerable customer base with some prestigious projects in their kitty. However, they wanted to go one step further & improve their sales activities even more. In the first meeting, we were told that they had already tried half a dozen CRMs & nothing really helped. Some were complex to use, while others simply didn’t serve their purpose.

Believe it or not… they were ready to come on-board just after a quick 10 mins Demo by our Customer Success managers. And within 2 weeks, we received some real words of encouragement from their Co-founder & CEO.


“Wakeupsales has made my everyday sales management way easier than before with almost 15% rise in my sales-collaboration activities.”

Ajay P.S.  |  Co-founder & CEO

We couldn’t be any happier! That’s what we aim to accomplish every single day; to make businesses run efficiently, in a smarter way.

Here’s how it goes:

“Being an Ad & Media agency, my biggest challenge was to collaborate with our sales team, IT guys & my managers. And things were kind of chaotic. I tried my hands on SugarCRM & Insightly… the first one wasn’t user friendly whereas the later was too confusing. I wanted a CRM that could help me manage my team & my sales pipeline while giving a superb feel to work on daily basis.

That’s when I started looking on Capterra & stumbled upon Wakeupsales. Turned out to be the easiest CRMs available.

It has a beautiful UI, which makes it easy to work. It has got a great support & their young team seems to be constantly working on new features, which has got me excited. Plus, the pricing is too competitive.

Now I am able to track my customers more efficiently & know whom to contact & when. I know exactly whom my sales reps are talking to on a day & I never miss any emails.

The plugin purchase & setup process was also easy. Choose, buy & the plugin comes to you via email. My team hardly took a few mins to set it up, because the package comes with an instruction manual too. That’s the way it should work 🙂

I was able to work with it from day 1 as it was pretty easy to get started with. Within a week I experienced a net increase of around 15% in my sales activities, which is good compared to my past 6 months story.”

My team loves the CRM & so do I. It brings us all in on-page without the hassle of spreadsheets.

                                                                                                                                           Ajay P.S.  |  Co-Founder, CEO

Cases like these really make our work worth it. And we won’t stop here. It’s just the start of the Wakeupsales journey & we can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things we’re working on. Stay tuned 🙂

Above all, thanks a ton.

Let us know how the Wakeupsales CRM has made things easier for you. Would love to hear your views.

0How Wakeupsales CRM boosted the Sales Activities of an Ad Agency by 15% in a Week
Jay D

Our sole motive is to make sales and client management process for businesses as easy as sipping coffee. I work as Marketing, Product and Business Development Expert at Wakeupsales with loads of interest in Cricket.

Image NameHow Wakeupsales CRM boosted the Sales Activities of an Ad Agency by 15% in a Week
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