Untitled design 194 Killer Data-Driven Strategies To Improve Your Business Sales

4 Killer Data-Driven Strategies To Improve Your Business Sales

Everybody likes to see higher sales figures or better productivity from the sales team. What if I tell you, it’s possible without expanding your sales team or stretching your budget?

We surveyed more than 500 of our CRM software users to compile statistics that we thought will help you guys make better decisions backed by data. Based on their usage, we gave special attention to certain actions you need to take to ensure optimum performance from your sales team.


Effective Sales Strategy To Boost Sales

crm strategy4 Killer Data-Driven Strategies To Improve Your Business Sales

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As you want to grow your business, you need to follow some effective steps to boost sales. Some of the effective sales strategy are

Let Your Sales Team Focus On Sales Only!

Surprisingly, an average sales guy spends more than half of his time not-doing sales but performing admin duties, data entries, managing all his records & preparing reports. No wonder the sales team’s potential is not being fulfilled.

Implementing new marketing strategies to boost your sales team’s productivity should always be on top of your to-do list. And I am not even talking about allocating higher budgets for them or increasing the headcount. Things like stricter scrutiny during lead qualification, creative team building & training, setting clear objectives using ideal customer personas or best is to simply start using a CRM application that’ll do most of the mundane jobs for you… saving you loads of time to focus on actual sales.

According to search CRM, Benchmark studies, with CRM Application each sales person can increase the revenue to 41%.

Track The Sales Process And Deliver Consistency

Your sales team needs to follow a step-by-step process or can use other sales systems that are designed to maintain the consistency of your team by following up leads and closing sales.

Each step by step process is connected with the buyer’s journey. If a single sales process gets missed out the buying steps will optimize the selling time.

Therefore you need to use a CRM system that will be great to monitor and boost sales. It might be a simple checklist or have multiple stages within each stages that helps to create To-Do’s, automate emails or notify management if enough time is passed. 

The Sales CRM Software will inform you if your sales teams are following all the processes or missing out on some.

Create A Clear-Cut Sales Process

Research says that more than 80% of the companies accept the fact that an inconsistent sales process  or lack of it results in below-par sales figures.

It’s actually very difficult for sales folks to move customers or deals through your sales pipeline if there’s no pre-defined optimize sales process for them to follow. Hence create a simple sales process for everyone to follow. The most common stages in a sales pipeline usually are new, prospecting, qualified, quote, won/lost. Define the significance of every stage clearly, so that your sales folks are able to plan their activities accordingly for better sales results.

With the use of CRM tool that is simple and easy to use like Wakeupsales CRM. It provides a simple and clear cut sales process that will enhance your sales activities.

Do Your Homework On The Customer

There’s no short-cut to this, nor any work-around. A survey tells that more than 85% of the customers feel sales folks don’t understand their needs. This is a very harsh truth to sales folks. How much do you try to understand your customers or prospects?

In order to build a rapport & convince the prospect of buying your product/service, you really need to understand their needs, bottlenecks, values or even likes-dislikes. Knowing your prospect inside-out also helps you cater to people who are more likely to be in need of your offerings.

Focus On Customer Retention

Contrary to the popular practice of obsessing over acquiring new customers, nurturing existing customers & making sure they stay with you for the long-run is actually up to 7x cheaper. More importantly, even a slight increase in customer retention rates results in a higher increase in revenue or profits.

As a startup company owner, I would like to thank the Wakeupsales Team for developing such a solution which has provided a clear path to our Sales and Marketing Plan. Lately, we’ve decided to continue using Wakeupsales CRM for the 2nd year and I’m confident.

Yamina Fassouli Harzallah, Founder & General Manager at Safety Integrated Solutions


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Image Name4 Killer Data-Driven Strategies To Improve Your Business Sales

Hence, it’s always wise to work towards building a cordial relationship with all your customers from day one. The goal should be to understand their needs & offer something that adds value. Don’t be hesitant on spending adequate time on nurturing those customers, so that when the time comes… your brand is there at the back of their minds & they don’t hesitate to extend their working relationship with you.

There’s no sure shot road towards boosting sales. And in the end, everything comes down to your product/service. But the above-mentioned strategies surely play a role in building up your sales figures. More so, they don’t burn a hole in your pockets & combined with your quality product/service… works wonders!

Have prospects & customers, but struggling to manage them? Take up Wakeupsales CRM & make your work life easier. It comes with a 30 days FREE Trial 🙂


Image Name4 Killer Data-Driven Strategies To Improve Your Business Sales
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