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Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

At Wakeupsales, our goal is to always offer superior user experiences to all our users. To do that, we know we have to offer a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that constantly keeps getting better with time & is flexible enough to adapt to your workflow. 

And like every year, we went back to the drawing board to start from scratch all over again. This time our goal was to make the app even more intuitive, easier to navigate around & let our users do more with less effort. After countless hours & dozens of coffee shots… we zeroed in on the fact that we not only had to redesign the application from the inside (including a brand new logo) but also had to add a few missing features to the jigsaw. 

Now that it’s finally ready, I’m so excited to share it with you all… the All-New Wakeupsales v3.0. It’s so different yet very familiar. 

There are so many updates to talk about… Let’s take the all-important ‘Dashboard’ for today. 

All-New Dashboard

We knew our users loved spending time on the dashboard, getting important updates on what’s happening in their sales pipeline. Hence, this is where we started from. 

The goal was to make the dashboard even more engaging, and information-rich with a clear view of the overall sales performance metrics.

Here’s what the dashboard looked like earlier:

dashboard mock designWakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

And here’s the new dashboard:

dashboard 33Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

The super admins & admins now have the ability to switch between new advanced dashboard & the classic one with filters. Whereas, normal users will only have access to the advanced dashboard. 

The advanced dashboard available across user roles consists of visually appealing analytics that we think would be really helpful for our users in knowing where things stand. 


Total Sales

img 20191113Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

The total worth of all the closed deals/won opportunities in your company’s sales pipeline.

Sales Pipeline by Sales Representatives

img 201911132 1Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

If you’re an Admin or Super Admin, you will be able to see the pipeline worth of all your team members. Users can only see theirs.

Sales Pipeline by Stage

img 201911133Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

The total worth of opportunities in every stage of your sales pipeline.

Sales Won v/s Open

img 201911134Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

A graphical comparison between total open opportunities & ones that are won.

Opportunities & Win Rate

img 201911135Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard

A graphical representation of total opportunities w.r.t. Conversion rate OR win percentage.

Key Opportunities

10 of your most valuable opportunities in terms of project value in descending order are shown here. So that you get to focus more on what’s important.  

Overall, we’ve shortlisted every important parameter that a sales manager needs to monitor his sales pipeline & put it on the dashboard. 


We’ve worked really hard on this & we believe our users will love spending more time on Wakeupsales now than ever before. All our users would be able to access the new dashboards right away. We also plan to reach out to all our pro plan users & offer walkthrough sessions as & when required. It’s on us.

Wakeupsales v3.0 is completely new yet feels so familiar. Stay tuned for upcoming articles on the other redesigned modules.

We are very excited about this & can’t wait for you all to try 🙂 

SignUp for a 30 days FREE Trial today & share your first impressions below.

0Wakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard
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Image NameWakeupsales v3.0 Released: All-New Dashboard
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